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Wear Only the Best Womens Triathlon Suit

More women are joining the growing popularity of triathlon not only in Australia but in other parts of the world as well. This makes the womens triathlon suit a sought-after gear during the triathlon season every year. Since a triathlon is a continuous race that includes swimming, cycling and running, it is important that you wear a high-quality suit fit for the three disciplines of the game.

womens triathlon suit

Choosing the best womens triathlon suit

Before picking up your own womens triathlon suit in Australia, it is important that you consider different factors that matter, such as the weather during the triathlon season, water temperature, the size and quality of the fabric, built-in bra and extra supportive padding, and pockets.

  • Weather condition

Depending on the weather and the type of water that you will be competing in, pick an Australian womens triathlon suit that is perfect for your body measurement, with or without a wetsuit. Also, look for a triathlon suit with cooling features, ultraviolet ray blockers, and antimicrobial properties to protect you from fungal and bacterial growth.

  • Water temperature

If you will be swimming in cold open waters, a wetsuit is preferable. Although not a major requirements for a tri suit, it would be more comfortable and convenient if you choose a triathlon suit that has special features such as quick-drying effects, expandable fabric, and high buoyancy for an easier swim.

  • Quality of fabric and suit size

Most high-end triathlon suits are made as one-piece and all-purpose sports gear which can be worn from the swimming leg to the last leg of the race and even to the post-race cool down pace. Unlike ordinary sports suit, a triathlon suit is made to help you race faster whilst being comfortable as ever during the race. It is usually made of polyurethane fabric perfect for close-fitting sports clothing.

Make sure to get your womens triathlon suit with the perfect size for your body, but leave enough room for your muscles to breathe during fabric compression and expansion relative to your movements.

  • Built-in support and padding

Both women with flat chests and large chests will no longer worry about what triathlon suit to wear as this sports gear has a lot of important features added already to protect different types of bodies. If you are a bustier woman, pick the one with added breast padding.

Generally, triathlon suits are made with added seat padding or chamois to protect the crotch area during the cycling phase. But, some women triathletes would advise beginners to buy womens triathlon suit in sets, with additional cycling shorts for optimum bottom protection as this important gear can either break or make the ride.

  • Pockets and other accessories

Triathlon suits come in different styles and designs. Some women triathletes prefer to buy the ones with back pockets where they can place their sunscreen lotions, MP3 player, candies, and other tiny essentials.

Choosing the right triathlon suit may be a daunting task especially if you are new to the game. There are a lot of options, styles, and features. But, the best way to start is to find out what your needs are, then ask for recommendations from your friends or from online reviews. There are a lot of triathlon suit providers online which offer other trendy sports gear such as the Catfish Athlete Apparel, which offers a wide range of choices.